Brings you the best marine ecotourism experiences in Europe

WILDSEA EUROPE KICKS-OFF!Boosting ocean literacy through responsible tourism

WILDSEA Europe is a network of tourism destinations, travel agents & tourism operators, marine protected areas and NGOs working together to nurture ocean literacy and to spread love and respect for the seas through responsible tourism. Our goal is to deliver you great travel hints on unique adventures that you can experience in coastal destinations across Europe, allowing you to make responsible contact with marine species in the wild, while learning about their ecology and conservation. Diving, snorkeling, trekking, birding, kayaking...marine wildlife can be experienced in so many different ways. The choice is yours!

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The Top 10 Shipwrecks in Atlantic Europe

The WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route (WAOH! Route) is a discovery journey along some of the best diving destinations in Europe’s Atlantic coastline. Along this notorious rugged, wild coastline, there is a feast of shipwrecks and archaeological remains to entice anyone interesting in wreck diving in Europe. We've selected some of the best wreck dives along the WAOH Route's destinations for you. Check them out!






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