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Following the Elvers' Way

Hop aboard a kayak or a big SUP and join us on a sliding adventure along the Butron river estuary, as we take advantage of the tidal current on our journey to Plentzia. During the journey there will be plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching!


Following the Elver's Trail
  • Glide along the Butron river following the trail of the elver while you enjoy the magnificient landscape and local wildlife.
  • Paddle with the current along wetlands and open spaces and through Plentzia's old district.

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Following the Elvers' Way

What to expect?

Following the Elvers' Way

The Tour departs in our centre in Gorliz, where we will give you an introductory briefing to the activity and we will gear you up for the Tour. Then, we will take you on our van or bus to the starting point of the Tour (approximately 10 km away). Before departing, we wil again go over the basics of paddling on kayak or SUP and over safety protocols. We will then start our adventure on the river!

The Tour can be done in two directions: if the sea level is rising we will depart from Gorliz and paddle towards Butrón. Otherwise, we will depart from Butrón  and paddle towards to Gorliz. We will always follow the direction of the tidal current, so that it helps us in our journey and diminishes our effort.

The river is very calm, so we have the perfect conditions to observe nature, as well as gliding along the fishermen’s spots from where they try and catch the much prized elvers between November and March. The route continues and with the help of the current we will pass along wetlands, sheltering local plants and animals. Towards the end of our journey the small town of Plentzia will rise up to meet us: we cross under its two bridges, border the old district, paddle in front of the port and if the sea conditions allow, we go into the bay to end up the route in Astondo, on the other side of the bay. There, we disembark and head back for our base, just 500 metres away, where we will be able to have a shower, change and share our experiences.

The activity is suitable for all types of public.

Price and optionals

Following the Elvers' Way
  •   From: € 30.00 per person

Important info

Following the Elvers' Way
  •   Duration: Under 4h
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner, Intermediate
  •   Difficulty level: Easy
  •   Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 7
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 40

The actvitiy takes approximately 3.5 hours in total, of which 2 hours are spent on the water and it runs from March 1st to October 31st.

Participants must be able to swim. This activity is not suitable for pregnant woman.

Please note that this activity requires a minimum of 5 participants to take place. Each group up to a maximum of 40 participants (with 1 instructor for every 16 participants).

The activity includes:

  • 2-person kayak & oars.
  • Life jacket & wetsuit.
  • Rash guards, raincoats and water proof containers.

Please bring a swimsuit, towel, sandals that can be tied up or sport shoes that can get wet (they will!).

The meeting point for the activity is Gorliz: "Base Actividades Turismo Activo" c/Itsasbide 58 48630 (next to the beach).

Facilities next to the beach have changing rooms, storage and a warm beverages dispenser. It is accessible by public transport from Bilbao, in bus and underground, although there are also parking facilities in the area.


Following the Elvers' Way


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