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Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar

Discover the hidden fauna and flora of the beautiful beaches of l'Ametlla de Mar while you snorkle guided by oceanographers and marine biologists.


Guided snorkel route at l'Atmella de Mar
  • Enjoy a 2-hour snorkel tour guided by a marine biologist.
  • Learn about local marine habitats and species and get hints on how to look for them and how to recognize them. 
  • Engage in citizen science and contribute to the Seawatchers Project
  • Wetsuit, slippers, mask and tube are provided.
  • An underwater photo is included!

Catch a glimpse

Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar

Why Wildsea Europe recommends this experience

Environmental stewardship, ocean literacy & citizen science
Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins is a champion for the wild seas! It will not only show you a great time: it will challenge you to improve your knowledge of the marine environment and it will grant you the opportunity of engaging in citizen science activities, in support of marine wildlife.

What to expect?

Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar

Would you like to explore the secrets of l'Ametlla de Mar without the training and complicated equipment required for scuba diving? Come enjoy the amazing underwater scenery equipped only with your diving mask and your snorkel tube! Our team of marine scientists will guide you and teach you everything you need about the underwater life in a natural setting. You can share this 2-hour experience with your family or friends, as this activity is suited for all ages.

Our activity includes a short briefing about marine ecosystems, where we talk about the beautiful posidonia meadows and their importance (especially for l'Ametlla de Mar beaches!). We will also brief you on the most important marine species (animals and algae) we can find around these meadows and on the rocks, including some invasive species. We will train you to recognize the most representative species and share clues to find them easily, but also to identify some of the invasive species that are present here (which you will help us to keep track off through the website of the "Seawatchers" project.

Then it is time to go in the water! Before that, we will provide you with a wetsuit, slippers, mask and tuba and we will make sure that you know how to comfortably use them. As we swim in a shallow area, we don't use fins in order to avoid damage the surroundings. We do our best to limit our environmental impact. Our guides will show you the hidden species hidden, how to recognize them, how to look for them in different places...all fun! You will appreciate the value of these gorgeous beaches and sea life and find a new perspective to it. Back in land, we will check and review all the species that we had the gift to observe!

Price and optionals

Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar
  •   From: € 22.00 per person

Important info

Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar
  •   Duration: Under 2h
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Easy
  •   Languages spoken: Catalan, English, French, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 1
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 12

Participants must be able to swim. Children can take part in the activity if they are at least 6 years old and are able to swim.


Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar

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Guided snorkel route at l'Ametlla de Mar
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Local Operator

Member of WILDSEA Europe since 18/01/2016
Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins

We are a young team of passionate oceanographers and marine biologists. We offer great snorkeling and diving adventures, which are always guided by our team of oceanographers and marine biologists. Other than showing you a great time, our main lines of work include:

  • Educating and raising awareness of people of all ages about the Ocean. We specialize on marine environmental education for children. 
  • Scientific outreach and communication within scientific projects, working with marine research centers. 
  • Project management and scientific research geared at enhancing natural values of coastal areas and promoting sustainable and responsible coastal tourism.
Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins
Avenue Les Tres Cales 284 43860
L'Ametlla de Mar Tarragona Catalonia (Spain)


Plàncton, Divulgació i Serveis Marins

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